What is This Red Light Therapy Thing Anyway?

You’ve likely seen ads for red and near-infrared light therapy devices popping up all over social media. But what exactly is red light therapy and does it really work? In this article, we’ll shine some light on how this treatment works and what it can potentially do for your health and appearance.

Red light therapy, also called photobiomodulation therapy, uses specific wavelengths of light between 600-1000 nanometers to stimulate cell function. The theory is that this light energy is absorbed by mitochondria, the powerhouses within our cells, to boost their activity. Supporters claim it can improve everything from skin to fitness to mood. But is the hype for real? Let’s break down what the science says.

Low-level light therapy (LLLT) effects

How Does It Work?

Red and infrared wavelengths of light are thought to pass through the skin and stimulate mitochondria within cells. When these “cellular batteries” receive light treatment, it may spur production of ATP, the primary energy molecule that powers metabolism.

Studies show this light stimulus also triggers signaling pathways that could increase collagen production, blood flow, and cellular communication. All of these effects have potential healing, rejuvenating and performance-enhancing properties when applied strategically.

The science is still emerging, but most experts agree these specific light wavelengths interact with cells to promote natural processes like healing and energy production. It’s a gentle stimulus meant to support the body’s own functions, not replace proven lifestyle factors like diet, exercise, stress management, etc.

LED light wavelengths to body

Glowing Skin Results

Dermatologists were among the early adopters of red light therapy and have seen it treat various skin issues. Here are some examples:

Acne – Studies found it kills acne-causing bacteria and reduces inflammation better than traditional LED treatments. Bump-busting in a week!

Wrinkles – Regular use of boosted collagen in one study. Animal tests also found fewer wrinkles after light therapy compared to controls.

Scarring – By encouraging new collagen growth, light may help fade marks from injuries, surgery, or acne more quickly.

Tone & Texture – In as little as 12 weeks, some women report smoother, brighter skin from light device use at home.

So whether aiming to cure breakouts or achieve a lit-from-within glow, red light could help amplify your regular skincare routine for radiant results.


Athletes Are All About Recovery

Fit folks are all over light therapy thanks to its natural ability to reduce muscle pain, speed healing, and enhance performance. Here’s how:

Soreness – Studies found light-lessened muscle damage markers and DOMS after intense exercise better than a placebo.

Injuries – Athletes use it to heal nagging injuries like tendinitis or sprains sometimes faster than traditional recovery methods.

Performance – Researchers linked light treatments to decreased markers of cell damage and fatigue plus better endurance on the next workout.

So whether recouping from an intense session or training for your next big race, red light’s anti-inflammatory powers put athletes in the fast lane to feeling fabulous again.

Mental Gains Get Glowing Reviews

Experts think red light improves mood and brain performance by enhancing mitochondrial function in neurons. Here’s the scoop:

Mood boost – Similarly to happy lamps, light therapy improved depressive symptoms in studies versus placebos. Natural pick-me-up!

Focus & memory – By providing cellular energy, light may optimize neurotransmitter activity for mental clarity on-demand.

Motivation – Pro athletes credit light for reducing post-workout fatigue so they feel recharged to train hard again sooner.

So whether flashing before important tests, presentations or just to brighten dreary winter days, some downtime under red light pays off mentally too.

red light therapy benifits

How to Add it to Your Routine

The gold-standard home devices provide more powerful full-body coverage than single-diode lamps. Look for panels emitting 600-1000nm wavelengths at intensities between 5-15mW/cm2.

Experts recommend 8-20 minute daily treatments depending on your needs. Apply over sore muscles, breakouts or under loose clothing if aiming to boost general wellness.

Be consistent, but don’t expect miracles after one session. Monitor changes over at least 4-8 weeks to gauge red light therapy’s real effects on your unique body. Give it a try – you might just glow with the results!

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