RedDot LED Limited was established in 2008 and is a professional manufacturer of LED red light therapy devices.  We have independently developed more than 13 product models, such as RD500, RD1000, RD1500, RD6000. All of our products have FDA class II registered, FCC, CE, and Rohs certificates, made in China.

Our products can be used at home, hospitals, gyms, spas, and beauty salons. They have different installation methods, can hang with door mounts, also can use with table-top stands, and wheeled rack stands, etc.,

We can accept drop shipping and provide OEM, ODM service, logo customization, and low minimum order quantity. RedDot’s red light therapy devices sell to 100+ countries, such as the US, Canada, UK, Australia, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Hungary, Romania, Finland, Netherlands, Turkey, Czechia, Korea, Japan, etc.


red light therapy devices made in China


Our advantages:

1. Source factory, China’s top 5 red light therapy device manufacturers, has more competitive prices.

2. Independent research and development, have patents, China patent grant numberCN 305804737 S.

3. 10+ years of export experience, more professional.

4. Cooperate with North American red light therapy companies for many years, more reliable.

5. 3-5 years warranty, no worries for after-sales service.


Benefits for you:

1. The sole agent in your country.

2. Free design for logo-customized red light therapy devices.

3. Exquisite packaging, and safe shipping.

4. Convenient shipment and fast delivery.


More detailed cooperation could be discussed via email, please fill out the form or send an email to get a quotation and PDF product manual. 


We look forward to win-win cooperation with you.

Contact RedDot:

WhatsApp: +86 18902854815

Email: [email protected]

red light therapy devices logo customized manufacturer

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