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Red Light Therapy Market Is Growing, Red Light Therapy Device Is Popular

Published by RedDot 2022-03-24

Red Light Therapy Market

The main red light therapy market is the red light therapy devices. As an effective treatment method, red light therapy is being widely used in clinics and wellness centers. Its theoretical basis is that biological tissues absorb light energy and convert it into heat energy and chemical energy, which leads to a series of chemical reactions in vivo. These chemical reactions include photo-decomposition, photo-oxidation, photo-polymerization, and photo-sensitization. As a new type of light source, red light therapy is gradually recognized by people along with the biological effects of light, and is gradually applied to medicine and plays an active role.


LED phototherapy can play a role in the prevention and treatment of metabolic, cardiovascular, neurological, skin, and immune system diseases, and has great clinical demand. Technical characteristics of LED, such as low-voltage safety, mercury-free, orientation, long life, narrow spectrum, intelligence and controllability, small and portable devices, flexible design of appearance, etc., bring advantages that traditional light sources do not have.

red light therapy market


Trends of Red Light Therapy

(1) 660nm red light therapy product for phototherapy. Advanced light uses high power 5w red LED, which can provide red light for phototherapy at a cost far lower than that of previous-generation technology.


(2) LED provides 1-100 mW power, which can be used to protect human beings from infection and treat specific skin diseases.


Effect of Red Light Therapy

Red light therapy mainly uses a thermal effect. After absorbing infrared light, the body temperature rises, local or systemic blood vessels dilate, blood flow speed increases, metabolism and cell proliferation are promoted, and it has anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects. It can reduce the total number of white blood cells and eosinophils in bloods, improve growth and metabolism, and lower blood sugar.


Red light therapy has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) of the United States and can be used in the United States. NASA research found that red light can relax muscles, regenerate gum to reduce wrinkles, and repair sunburned skin.

red light therapy benefits

Red Light Therapy Needs is Growing

Many countries have begun to layout research on the mechanism of light on health and medical care, standard research and equipment development. With the solid advancement of basic research, the research and development and manufacturing technology of optical medical equipment will make great progress. With the development of the aging population, the domestic medical and health care equipment industry related to chronic diseases and common diseases of the elderly is facing rapid development.


From the Google trend, we can see that the search volume of Red Light Therapy has been increasing gradually in the past five years in the United States, which shows that people pay more and more attention to health. Often depending on taking medicine for treatment will lead to low immunity, and it is easier and easier to get sick. Compared with drug therapy, red light therapy has no side effects, so there is no need to worry about causing additional harm to the body.


red light therapy trends


(1) Red light therapy device is becoming more and more popular

Because of its safety and effectiveness, red light therapy device is gradually favored by dermatology, gynecology, surgery and other departments of medical institutions. Medical equipment will occupy a higher market share. Especially nowadays, people pay more and more attention to health and have a high acceptance of red light therapy devices. Red light therapy medical devices will have more rights to speak in future public hospital procurement and market.


(2) Home use red light therapy medical devices

LED technology has established a dominant position in the lighting industry. In the application of red light therapy device, it is expected that replacing gas discharge lamps will be the future development trend due to its advantages of energy saving, environmental protection, intelligence and controllability, narrow spectral bandwidth, full coverage from ultraviolet to infrared, fast corresponding speed and small device size. Multi-application-oriented treatment, multi-spectral combination, intelligent and controllable light output and comprehensive treatment solutions will be an important manifestation of the advantages of LED technology. In addition to the hospital application, LED technology is characterized by high wearability and portability, which makes the domestic application market of household red light therapy device reach tens of billions.


Red light therapy medical devices are divided into management categories according to the risk degree from low to high.

Class I refers to medical devices that can ensure their safety and effectiveness through routine management;

Class ii refers to medical devices whose safety and effectiveness can be controlled;

Class iii refers to implantation into human body; Used to support and sustain life; Medical devices which are potentially dangerous to human body and whose safety and effectiveness must be strictly controlled.


Red Light Therapy Devices Where to Buy

The red light therapy device of RedDot LED is a medical device certified by FDA class II, which means that the safety and effectiveness of RedDot LED professional red light therapy device can be controlled. RedDot LED is a well-known red light therapy manufacturers in China. The 3-year warranty service can help you eliminate your purchase concerns, and the purchase cost will be much lower than that of the Joovv brand.


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