How To Start Using Red Light Therapy?

You’ve probably seen all the hype around red light therapy and its promise to cure everything from acne to aches. But how do you actually use this treatment at home? In this straightforward guide, we’ll break down the basics and share tips learned from experts to help you start enjoying the benefits of red light.

Red light therapy uses red and infrared light wavelengths between 600-1000 nanometers. It’s thought the light energy interacts with cells to boost their natural healing processes. While research is ongoing, there are some easy ways you can start using it safely.

Let’s dive into the basics!

LED Red Light Therapy for Sleepy

Get Glowing Skin

Dermatologists were early red light adopters to treat skin issues. Studies found it helps:

Acne – Two 2-minute sessions per week target pimple-causing bacteria and redness.

Wrinkles – Short daily sessions under eyes or smile lines may plump collagen over time.

Simply apply light to clean skin and make sweeping motions. Skin looking better yet?

Ease Aches

No one likes muscle pain. Red light could soothe soreness by:

Inflammation – Aim light at tender spots for 10 minutes twice daily until pain subsides.

Recovery – Injured knees? Use light for 5 minutes, 4x a week during healing phases.

Just shine the light directly on painful areas. Feeling relief yet?

Boost Brainpower

Some research links light to mental benefits including:

Focus – Two minutes before tasks requiring concentration sharpens attention.

Motivation – Whole body sessions might curb fatigue, perfect before an exam!

Pop a light on problem areas like forehead, behind ears for quick fixes. Feeling sharp yet?

Find the Right Device

Look for FDA-approved full panel lights, not single diodes. A intensities between 5-15mW/cm2 works best. Consistency helps – can you fit short sessions into your routine?

Ready to start using red light therapy to relieve pain, repair skin, and boost your mood? Let’s shed some light on your well-being naturally!

red light therapy benifits

Start Your Red Light Therapy Journey Today!

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