Red Light Therapy Is Glowing Up Wellness – Find It Near You

Ever wondered what all the hype around “red light” is about? Turns out shining some glowy beams on yourself could seriously upgrade your health game. Red light therapy is buzzing in wellness circles for good reason – it’s backed by science and folks are seeing real benefits. Curious to glow up your routine too? Read on to learn what red light’s all about and how to find top spots offering it nearby. 

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Why Red Light Is Lit

Red light therapy, or low-level light therapy (LLLT), involves exposing your bod to red and infrared light wavelengths. Sounds weird but this light energy penetrates deep and interacts with cells to do some cool stuff – like reducing soreness and speeding healing.

As one science writer put it, “Red light can perform like a fine-tuned scalpel.” It works on a cellular level to decrease inflammation and boost overall function. A 2016 Journal of Athletic Training study found that LLLT helped athletes recover faster from muscle damage too.

The light flips switches in mitochondria, our cells’ power packs. This sparks a chain reaction increasing energy production and cutting oxidative stress. A 2018 review in the journal Photomedicine and Laser Surgery stated that LLLT “induces photobiomodulation effects which are anti-inflammatory and tissue regenerative.” Fancy words but it means the light helps you bounce back stronger.

Common Glow Ups from Red Light Sesh’s

In addition to overall wellness boosts, red light proves major for tackling some specific issues. Here’s a rundown of what folks are glowing up:

Sore Muscles – As one researcher told Men’s Health, “Red light just seems to help muscles feel better.” It targets muscle inflammation for fast relief from workouts, injuries or arthritis aches.

Skin Vibes – The light stimulates collagen and elasticity so your face and body are firmer and brighter. Dermatologists even use it in “photo facials” for glow-ups like reducing acne scars and signs of aging.

Hair Growth – Early research shows the potential for red light helping regrow hair by stimulating follicles. Some see fuller, healthier locks after sessions near the scalp.

Dental Health – Dentists add red light to procedures for faster healing from extractions and reductions in oral bacteria loads for less gingivitis and disease.

Mood Boosts – Emerging research explores red light for depression, trauma recovery and neurological issues by reducing oxidative stress in the brain.

In summary – red light delivers glowing skin, stronger muscles, healthier grins and an overall lit state of being! See for yourself by booking your glow-up sesh today.

How a Red Light Sesh Goes Down

Curious what all the hype is about but unsure what to expect during a session? No worries – a typical red light treatment is simple, comfortable and quick:

  • Consultation – Chat with the pro about your goals so they customize your glow-up plan.
  • Outfit – Lightweight, close-fitting clothes allow the beams on problem areas like faces, backs or knees.
  • Application – High-intensity LED panels or wands positioned 6-12 inches from the skin over target spots.
  • Duration – Most full-body sessions last 15-30 minutes but specific areas may only need 5-10 minutes under the lights.
  • Chill Vibes – Relax comfortably sitting or lying as the painless warmth sensation feels just like a glow.
  • Aftercare Tips – Advice on frequency, possible effects and optimizing results at home complete the experience.

Red light therapy Benefits for people

No heavy lifting is required during low-impact red light treatments. Most folks feel energized instead of tired afterward too. Consistency delivers the best results – find simple ways to regularly upgrade your routine with some red light therapy glow-ups!

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