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Red Light Therapy for Weight Loss at Home, Help Fat Cell Reduction

Published by RedDot 2022-03-24

Red Light Therapy Weight Loss

Red light therapy weight loss at home is one of the popular method right now. But losing weight is easier said than done. No matter how much you diet or workout, everything might seem futile at times. If you are struggling to lose weight, you are not alone. There is no denying that it can be exhausting having to put in the effort to speed up weight loss. One of the ways through which you can boost weight loss is by giving red light therapy a try. It is one of the hottest procedures out there that aims to help you lose weight. You will be amazed to know just how effective it is.

red light therapy weight loss before and after

When it comes to weight loss, there are certain areas that you cannot target on your own. This is why you could use all the help that you can get. Hence, it makes sense to give red light therapy. This post sheds light on the effectiveness of red light therapy for weight loss. It is important that you read the entire post before making any decision.


Red Light Therapy Weight Loss at Home

Red light therapy is a procedure that makes use of red light wavelengths for targeting stubborn areas. Studies show that it can help boost weight loss among participants who participated in high-intensity treadmill training. Red light and near-infrared light work by penetrating into the skin to speed up the weight loss process. It is very effective, especially if you want to reduce cellulite in the hip areas and buttocks. There are many people that wish to achieve targeted weight loss. However, even exercises cannot offer the results that you are looking for. But, red light therapy will effectively remove fat from your body and ensure that fat is only stored in desirable areas. Thus, you will get to achieve the perfect body.


Whether you have saddlebags or belly fat that you simply cannot get rid of, you need to learn more about red light therapy and how it can help you out. It will target the desired areas and keep the shape and size of the body intact. In fact, you can benefit from body contouring from this amazing procedure. It offers a cosmetic approach for targeting areas of the body such as the upper arms, thighs, hips, and waist.

red light therapy weight loss at home


Red Light Therapy Increased Cellular Metabolism

Since metabolism plays a huge role in weight loss, it is important to boost cellular metabolism. Red and near-infrared light stimulate cellular energy. As the light photons get absorbed by the mitochondria, it boosts energy production in the cells. As cellular energy is increased, it results in better cellular performance and healthier cells. This helps reduce inflammation and regulates the reproduction of cells. Hence, you get to benefit from increased metabolism which helps speed up your weight loss and allows for better functioning of the body.


Red Light Therapy Increased Muscle Mass

Another way red light therapy helps with weight loss is that it helps increase muscle mass. The procedure supports the growth of your muscle mass. The fact is that muscles require great energy. Every pound of muscle burns about 50 calories every day while you rest. This means that you will get to burn more calories even if you do not work out. A study showed that athletes that were exposed to red light benefited from increased muscle growth and faster muscle recovery. 


Red Light Therapy for Thyroid Regulation

Excess weight gain is linked to low-functioning thyroid or hypothyroidism. By undergoing red light therapy, you get to reduce the autoimmune activity in your thyroid. This helps restore the normal functioning of the thyroid which helps regulate metabolism.


Red Light Therapy Decreased Insulin Resistance

Next, red light therapy decreases insulin resistance in addition to speeding up recovery post-workout, increasing cellular metabolism, and regulating thyroid functioning. When you combine red light therapy with regular exercise, you get to reduce body fat and insulin resistance. A study conducted in Brazil that involved 64 obese women showed that when the combined exercise with red light therapy, they benefited from a reduction in fat mass and insulin resistance. This shows just how amazing the procedure is.  


Red Light Therapy Help Fat Cell Reduction

In addition to the above, red light helps trigger the formation of small openings in the fat cells. This allows fatty acids called lipids to be released. A study revealed that a single session of 4 minutes of red light therapy resulted in 80 percent of lipids being released from the fat cells. Within 6 minutes, all of the fatwas released. Scientists believe that red light allows temporary pores to form in the fat cells which enable the lipids to start leaking out. Moreover, it also stimulates the natural death of cells which causes the lipids that had been previously stored in the cells to be released.


Red Light Therapy Suppression of Appetite

Next, red light therapy also impacts hunger levels. It controls the appetite-regulating hormones. A study that involved the use of red light on hormones in sleep-deprived adults showed that it helped reduce the effects by as much as 19 percent.


Red Light Therapy Improved Sleep

Many health issues are associated with sleep deprivation including weight gain. Chronic stress is responsible for insomnia. It amplifies weight gain through the stimulation of cortisol production. It also disrupts the ability of the nervous system to regulate metabolism. By undergoing red light therapy, it is possible to get a good sleep which would provide you with much-needed energy for exercise the following day.  red light therapy for weight loss


Red Light Therapy Reduction in Inflammation

Studies reveal that cellular stress and low-grade inflammation cause a type of metabolic dysfunction which results in obesity. A symptom of an overactive immune system is chronic inflammation. Hence, obesity can be considered to be a symptom of inflammation. Since red light therapy helps reduce inflammation, it restores optimal metabolic functioning of the body for boosting weight loss.



Once you have finished reading this post, you will come to realize that red light therapy is extremely effective when it comes to losing weight. As long as you use a device from RedDot LED, you can expect the best results. Hence, you should make a purchase from the RedDot LED red light therapy company.

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