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Benefits of Red Light Therapy Vs Infrared Sauna in Home

Published by RedDot 2022-03-24

Red Light Therapy Vs Infrared Sauna
Red light therapy vs infrared sauna have become the two most popular technologies in recent times. They highlight the technological advancements that have been made in a short period of time. You are likely to find the two at spas and gyms and even private homes. Fitness gurus, medical professionals, and celebrities are all praise for the two options. Chances are that you are wondering whether one is better than the other and how can you decide which one to choose. Both options offer a number of health benefits. 

Light has been used since the beginning of time for treating people. Hence, it makes sense why red light therapy is widely used today. There is also a possibility that the two can work together for your overall benefit. The fact is that it can be difficult to decide which option to pursue. However, we have created the perfect post to help you make up your mind. 

red light therapy vs infrared sauna

What are The Benefits of Red Light Therapy
Infrared red light therapy uses red light which is considered to be a light that heals, unlike infrared saunas that employ heat. The treatment targets the body to offer regenerative and therapeutic results. It requires the use of RedDot LED light panels which produce powerful light for offering a ton of benefits. Each session lasts about 10 to 15 minutes. The experience is entirely different from that of infrared saunas as there is a lack of heat. Hence, you would not experience an elevated heart rate or sweat. 

The reason why red light therapy is effective is that it uses wavelengths of around 630 nm and 660 nm which have been proven to be effective by science. It penetrates into the skin and reaches the sebaceous glands. The light helps smoothen out the uneven pigmentation. It rejuvenates the texture of the skin and the skin tone. In fact, it even helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. It stimulates hair re-growth, treats skin cancers, reduces acne breakouts, and eradicates psoriasis symptoms. 

what are the benefits of red light therapy

As for the 660 nm wavelength, it penetrates even deeper to address various issues relating to skin tissue. Studies show that 630 nm wavelength delivers anti-inflammatory effects. It reduces neuropathic pain and swelling following an injury. Besides this, it also reduces training fatigue and accelerates wound healing.  The 850nm wavelength penetrates into the brain through the skill and offers plenty of neurological benefits. It improves recovery and healing post-exercise, alleviates anxiety and depression symptoms. The tissues are also healed with an 850 nm wavelength. It wards off infection and promotes bone repair. This makes the procedure perfect for athletes that require faster recovery post-injury. 


Infrared Sauna in Home
Sauna is an ancient therapy that has been around for millennia. It is one of the heat-based therapies that you are used to this day. From the Japanese onsen to the Mayan sweat house to the Turkish bath, hot and sweat rituals have been used for their many therapeutic benefits. The Finns started their journey with hot earth pits that became smoke wood stoves to the typical Finnish sauna that is found today. It is a part of the Finnish culture. It only shot to worldwide fame during the 20th century. Today, an electric heater is used to power the modern sauna. It produces dry heat which allows individuals to sweat continuously and emerge fully refreshed with a natural glow. Science has only started to recognize the health benefits of a sauna. Passive heat as found in a sauna can help boost your immune system. 

infrared sauna in home

If you cannot tolerate exercise or lack the motivation to work out, you can turn to the sauna for much-needed relief. As for people that take a sauna after exercising, they tend to benefit even more. A study involving 6 male distance runners was conducted. The runners used a sauna after every training session for about 3 weeks. Researchers note that the runners benefited from an enhancement in their endurance running performance after 3 weeks. It is due to the fact that it helps increase their blood volume. 

There is also evidence which reveals that sweating allows the body to get rid of toxins. This is especially important to keep in mind that it helps with the maintenance of your kidneys and liver. When you sweat, aluminum, lead, and cadmium are excreted even more than when you discharge urine. Keeping in view the benefits of a normal sauna, we can consider an infrared sauna that uses the same heat but a different source. 

Infrared radiation (IR) was first discovered by the astronomer Sir William Herschel in 1800. Every object emits IR to a certain degree. To get a better idea about infrared heat, you can consider a sunny day during winter when the air might be cold but the sun warms up your face. It is the infrared rays of the sun that are at work. They penetrate your skin and warm your face. Thus, you would feel warm despite feeling cold. The first infrared light sauna was developed by a Japanese doctor in 1965. An infrared sauna uses radiant heat instead of a wood stove or electric heater for warming the air. Ambient heat of 110 degrees F to 130 degrees F is maintained by the infrared sauna to ensure that you can sweat and enjoy the benefits of a traditional sauna. 

Infrared Sauna with Red Light Therapy
It is not necessary to pair red light therapy against infrared sauna as the two pair well together. The reason behind this is the fact that each takes a different approach. For instance, if you experience back pain after working out at the gym, you can combine red light therapy with an infrared sauna to promote healing and reduce inflammation. 

Once you have finished reading this post, you will come to understand the differences between red light therapy vs infrared sauna. The two techniques offer a fair share of benefits. You can rely on them for the best outcome. Hence, it makes sense to opt for both techniques. 

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