Throw Out Your Creams – Upgrade to Infrared Therapy Lamps

For dramatic anti-aging results without harsh ingredients. Discover how an LED lamp could boost collagen for firmer skin.

Infrared therapy lamps has taken the wellness world by storm for its ability to refresh skin from within. Powered by light-emitting diodes (LEDs), infrared lamps safely deliver therapeutic doses of wavelengths to spur natural repair.

Curious what all the hype is about? Keep reading to find out how light therapy works its magic, what it can treat and tips for picking the perfect desktop lamp to start your glow-up routine from home!

How Exactly Does Light Therapy Do Its Thing?

Here’s a quick science lesson – infrared and related near-infrared wavelengths have long lengths that slip deep into skin. When photons from these colors hit cellular structures like mitochondria and collagen fibers, the energy transforms into heat energy.

This provides a natural cellular “jump start” kicking your skin’s repair systems into high gear. Specifically, research shows light therapy:

Boosts collagen production to gradually lift and tighten saggy skin. One study found collagen density increases after just 4 weeks of use!

Fights acne by decreasing inflammation and killing bacteria stuck in pores for clearer complexions.

Enhances circulation and cell activity for brighter, plumper-looking skin with a natural glow. Better blood flow equals healthier skin.

So in short, Infrared therapy lamps uses gentle warming illumination as a messenger to wake up your skin’s dormant regeneration process. The results? Radiant, youthful-looking skin you’ll love!

What Conditions Can an Infrared Lamp Treat?

While more research continues, infrared shows promise treating common skin issues regularly:

Aging Skin – Use boosted collagen levels and diminished wrinkles noticeably after just a few weeks in various reports. Over time it firms loose skin.

Acne – Several clinical trials found significant zit reductions within 2-4 weeks of daily use.

Eczema & Psoriasis – Early reports indicate it may soothe eczema flare ups and lessen plaque severity of psoriasis.

Muscle & Joint Pain – Some evidence hints light therapy relieves common aches and pains by increasing circulation and reducing inflammation.

Scars – Light stimulation encourages collagen regrowth to gradually reduce scar height, width and coloring.

Since infrared is gentle and non-heating, it poses minimal risk for most adults and children to safely experience these renewing benefits. No wonder this glow-up tool is so popular!

What to Look for in an Infrared Lamp

Now that you’re ready to brighten skin from within, focus on these qualities:

Wavelength – Select a lamp emitting near-infrared between 850-1300 nanometers for strongest collagen stimulation per studies.

LED Power – Aim for 50+ high-powered LEDs delivering 1000-2000mW of total light energy for faster results.

Timer – Follow 10-15 minute treatment durations 2-3x weekly as studies show for best turnarounds. Timers ensure consistency.

Coverage Area – Decide if you want a larger panel treating full faces or smaller handheld versions for portability.

Safety Certification – Look for CE or FDA approval ensuring safe, effective doses through tested designs.

Warranty – Quality brands offer 1-2+ years of protection in case any issues arise down the road.

After reading reviews, pick a top brand like Reddot for a medically-backed device certain to revive your radiance. Plan to invest $300-600 for phenomenal at-home illuminations!

Customize Your Light Therapy Routine

Incorporate these steps to maximize your new infrared lamp’s glow-making potential:

Gently cleanse skin beforehand so nothing blocks penetration.

Moisturize after allowing hydration to fully absorb during treatments.

Exfoliate 1x weekly for fresh skin to better soak up lamp benefits.

Shield skin daily with SPF as light alone can’t prevent sun damage.

Try combining with facial massages for extra circulation boost.

Zap problem areas like wrinkles, acne or scars with focused applications too.

Stick to 2-3 weekly sessions with these customized steps and watch transformative results unfold within weeks. Compliments will be rolling in from your happy, luminous skin!

Frequently Asked Light Therapy Questions

Here are answers to some common concerns on safely using your new lamp:

Is it safe for all skin types? Yes, infrared stimulates circulation without drying so it works for most, including sensitive skin. Some early reports even show benefits for rosacea.

How long until visible changes appear? You may spot subtle differences within 2 weeks but the full anti-aging payoffs generally emerge around the 6-12 week mark with consistent use.

How long should treatments be each time? Start at 10-15 minutes and gradually increase up to 20 minutes max as your skin builds endurance. Any longer provides diminishing returns.

Can men use lamps too? Absolutely! It helps reduce signs of aging, acne and irritation just as well for guys when applied to the face, neck and other areas as needed.

I hope this guide has you eager to start your journey to naturally radiant skin! Feel free to reach out with any other questions.

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