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RedDot LED is a professional red light therapy devices manufacture established in 2008. Our factory is located in Shenzhen China, have professional production equipment air compressor, digital multimeter, gluing machine, assembly line, aging rack, microcomputer heating platform. RedDot LED has been recognized as a global leader in red light therapy devices. We offer a broad range of LED light therapy products for homeuse and also for professionals. That is why we have become the most trusted company by industry leaders.

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High irradiance Red Light Therapy Supplier

RedDot LED have a strong research and engineer team, who are with more than 10 years of experience in professional red light therapy device, The only one manufacturer using convex lenses, 30 degree beam angle allows the led red light therapy panel to produce higher irradiance, make your body treatment more effective, thats why we can provide higher efficiency and longer lifespan red light therapy devices for you.

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Why you should choose us

As the best partner, we run with our customers to help them grow! From ideas to sales, we have all presence.

* 15 years manufacturer of red light therapy devices

* China PDT the only factory has medical certificates

* Professional R&D team, 70+ patents

* 1hr after-sale service, 24hrs online support

* Free replacement, Free spare parts, Free shipping

* 100% promised delivery rate reached and fast shipping

* Defect rate less than 0.3%

We provide All-Around Red Light Therapy Solution, with the main workflow including eight tasks such as Market-Oriented Research, Unique Design, In-house Manufacturing, SOP-Based Quality Control, Customer-Based Labeling, Rich Packaging Supplies, Fast Order Delivery, Full After-Sales Service, and other 23 projects, each with strict standards established. It ensure that every product user get is an art.

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