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Custom RLT Device Service

The best custom red light therapy manufacturers featuring a streamlined supply chain takes your ideas from conception to sale.


Self Production Factory

Our custom red light therapy devices are developed by our own team which helps us reduce cost and increase delivery of quality finished products.


Full After-sales Service

Free shipping, free replacement parts to help you affirm your decision to invest in our quality red light therapy devices and make bulk purchases.

Fulfill Your Custom Devices Needs

Red light therapy for Beauty salon
Red light therapy for Gymnasium
Red light therapy for Yoga studio
Red light therapy for Spa
Red light therapy for Sauna room
Red light therapy for Rehabilitation Center
Red light therapy for Fitness center
Red light therapy for Massage parlor

Can't Find Solution For Your Industries?

We provide custom solutions to all our customers and provide suitable cases for your reference for free.

Wide Custom Options for Your Project



Provide NIR-infrared light, red light, blue light, green light and other light sources, and light source combination customization services.



Customized services for red light wavelengths 620-700 nanometers and NIR-infrared wavelengths 700-1100 nanometers.



Print your brand logo on a prominent position on the product. Such as the treatment device, remote control, bracket, package, etc.


Flicker Free

Customize flicker-free light sources to make the customer experience with your products more enjoyable.


Casing Color

Product appearance and color can be customized according to preferences and matching usage scenarios.



Provide a variety of packaging services. Give you the most suitable suggestions according to transportation and use. 


Sourcing Red Light Therapy Devices from Reddot LED

For Brand Owners

"As an experienced RLT device manufacturer in China, we have worked with different businesses taking their ideas from conception to fulfilling their desired RLT device solutions. We walk the journey with you to ensure that we help you better define what you want and realize your brand’s perfect solutions."

For Wholesalers

"Being one of the most equipped red light therapy device manufacturing companies, we offer the high quality RLT devices at a significantly low cost. This allows us to work with you to ensure that you get to also extend great prices to your customers."


All-Around Red Light Therapy Solution


Market-Oriented Research

We feature an R&D division that is tasked with researching global trends to ensure we provide quality solutions desired in the market.


Unique Design

We cooperate with senior designers with many years of experience to provide classic and durable designs to help your brand accurately position in the market.


In-house Manufacturing

Our in-house manufacturing allows us to offer high-quality products in record time. We are also able to give you the best affordable prices in the market.


SOP-Based Quality Control

We feature a quality control department that works in close contact with the manufacturing department. Ensures that all products you get are of the highest quality standards.


Customer-Based Labeling

Taking your branding requirements, we work to give you the option of device labeling to better present your products in the market.


Rich Packaging Supplies

You can trust that our production process is designed to provide you with the best quality devices that is suited for your business.


Fast Order Delivery

All our manufacturing processes are done in our production plant which allows us to cut down on delivery time and provide solutions on time.


Full After-Sales Service

We believe in walking the journey with you. They are designed to help you whenever you get stuck and last for the entire lifespan of your product.

Your Best Red Light Therapy Business Partner

Reddot LED Professional Studies Center

We closely study attractive products that make clients win their pioneering position while reinforcing their branding. It can help you to get the target market enthusiastic enough to fill up your business.

Take a close look at how we analyze clients' requirements, how we help overcome their challenges and improve the overall impact of their marketing image.

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